Myneral for Oil & Gas

Myneral for Oil & Gas


Improve site surveys with detailed GPS reports and monitor on-field drilling equipment to a high level of accuracy. Accurately monitor the usage of consumables, tools and use this to monitor the exact carbon emissions of the production process.

MynOne Blueprint
  • Supply Chain Interoprability

    Whether at the extraction site, refinery or logistics, Myneral can interact with other Myneral installs

  • Single Source of Truth

    Never worry about document versioning again, with everyone working of a central set of Blockchain-backed data.

  • No IT neccessary

    With a fully cloud hosted option available, as well as on-premesis deployments Myneral is easy to get started with.

  • Custom Modules

    Integrate easily with existing software you are already using, and optimise your workflow in minutes.

  • Rugged Hardware

    With android hardware built for the roughest of terrain, Myneral makes it easy to upload data to the blockchain from anywhere.

  • Connect Anywhere

    Use Out-Of-Band connectivity such as Satelite and RF to connect to the blockchain from anywhere in the world.

oil field map
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