Myneral for Manufacturing

Myneral for Manufacturing

Modern Manufacturing

Myneral's unique software offering makes it easy for our manufacturing cutomers to introduce traceability and visibility into their supply chain in moments.

MynOne Blueprint
  • Traceability

    Obtain rich, product specific traceability data proven by the blockchain, including provenance, authenticity and carbon emissions. Share this data with stakeholders to improve business transparency.

  • Circular Economy

    Track the full lifecycle of a part, component or product and see how it changes when it’s repurposed. Prove that goods have been reused and the environmental impact that they’ve had

  • Individual Goods Tracking

    Track goods individually throughout the supply chain and attach traceability data to specific products. Monitor for misplaced goods and reduce stock loss to zero.

  • Visibility

    Create a supply chain network with end-to-end visibility, where users can track parts, components and products in transit at every stage on the supply chain.

  • Digital Twin Technology

    Create a virtual model that acts as a digital counterpart for a manufactured product. The digital twin updates in real-time when changes to the physical product occur. When this data is stored on the Blockchain, the digital twin can function as proof of authenticity and enable traceability.

  • Warehouse Management

    Use our easy to use, custom hardware to perform warehouse operations and see stock updates in real time. Data is stored on the blockchain enabling users to prove the movement of goods.

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