Single Pane of Glass

Full insight into your businesses supply chain

Our halo product offers businesses a full insight into their logistics & supply chain. Because our ecosystem acts as single pane of glass you are able to generate reports and optimize costs and time in your business supply chain pooling together data from across the orginisation.

No More Data Silo's

Blockchain sits at the core of the Myneral ecosystem. It allows our technology to securely track and certify a large amount of supply chain data points behind a product such as location, weight, temperature etc. This data is then used to generate actionable insights to improve the day-to-day performance of the organisation. Myneral's open approach to information then enables your other BI systems to use this information to generate even more advanced learnings.

Tools can be expensive - especially when they keep getting lost. Use Myneral to prove who the last person using the equipment was.

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