Myneral for Food & Beverages

Myneral for Food & Beverages

Declaration of Protected Origin

Irrefutably prove the exact origin of your goods to your customers through our blockchain-verifiable production management system. Show the exact date & time of manufacture to prove freshness and quality to your customers.

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  • Architect-less

    Add points to your supply chain yourself, without needing expensive architects or consultants every time the supply chain changes.

  • Geographical Indication (GI)

    Prove where your products came from with Blockchain backed GPS positions saved in real time

  • Increase Efficiency

    Using the increased granularity of data generated in-platform, gain AI driven insights into easy optimisations

  • Enhance customer experiences

    Show off the provenance of the products you make by securely sharing part of your products journey with the end customer.

  • Integrate Anything

    With a platform built to be modular and ready for scale, experience the freedom of no vendor lock-in and seamless interoprability.

  • Prove Authenticity

    Myneral can be used to prove the path taken by (luxury) goods to certify their authenticity.

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