Myneral for Precious Metals

Myneral for Precious Metals


Improve site surveys with detailed GPS reports and monitor extraction equipment to a high level of accuracy. Prove the provenance of extracted ores with Blockchain certification.

MynOne Blueprint
  • Portable Infrastructure

    The rugged MynOne allows for easy supply chain management from anywhere in the world, without long implementation timelines.

  • Quick & convenient Setup

    Easily make changes to your supply chain via the admin panel, allowing your business to respond rapidly to changes in the market

  • Custom Reporting/Modules

    Easily tailor the way reports are generated and make them match your business processes.

  • Definitively prove CSR

    Choose which parts of a goods provenance to share with the customer, in order to validate the actual route taken by the end product. Show sites have been replanted, materials were sourced ethically, and more.

  • Alloy Management

    Track changes in state, such as alloy smelting, on the blockchain and gain accurate understanding of losses and inefficiencies.

  • Easy to use

    Start using myneral with minimal training required. Our easy to use android app makes it easier than ever for staff to upload supply chain mutations.

mine map
  • Traceability in one place

    Businesses can experience end-to-end visibility throughout their supply chain with the Myneral platform with no need to do any additional settings.

  • Inventory Management

    Easily track and manage all inventory with our custom hardware. With the use of MynOne handheld device it's easy to trace and locate products throughout the warehouse.

  • Product Passport

    Capture and communicate essential data about your product with the help of share important information about your product with your supply chain actors.

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