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One solution for all supply chain management requirements #SmartSCM

Our Myn One hardware and blockchain software enables manufacturers, retailers and consumers to track their goods across the supply chain offering transparency, efficiency and real time information in one revolutionary system.

About us

Myneral Labs,
Building the infrastructure of trust

Myneral Labs aims to answer the need for traceability, transparency and visibility in global supply chains through providing access to an integrated solution that leverages the power of the blockchain without any technical overheads. Our solution is an ecosystem based around our own proprietary hardware, the MynOne, which enables us to provide supply chain management as a turnkey solution.
  • Modern agile ecosystem
  • Blockchain Backed

  • One solution, One vendor
  • Easy to implement, easy to use

Why Myneral Labs?

Existing supply chains are outdated, expensive and ineffective, with age-old technologies that don’t fit today’s pace of doing business. Myneral changes all of this with tools built on the cutting-edge of technology.

  • Hardware & Software

    Our devices, the MynOne, come pre-installed with our revolutionary software package Each of the MynOne devices includes their own unique NFC Card based License.

  • Blockchain

    A decentralized, shared ledger, in real time and a single source of information, recording all transactions and accessible by all parties.

  • Security

    All of data passed through the Myneral software is encrypted. Every part of the ecosystem was built from the ground up in order to achieve a high level of security.

  • Scalable & Transparent

    The clear and simple pricing structure per allows your SCM spend to be assessed and increased throughout your organisation as and when you see the benefits of your Return on Investment.

Myneral, The infrastructure of trust

Our Artificial Intelligence powered tools use millions of project data points to ensure that your project is successful. View some key industries Myneral can make a quick impact for below.

Your fully integrated blockchain management system guarantees the confidence your clients and customers want - ready to go in hours instead of months.

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